Born Faheemah Hamidah...

F.H. Salahud-Din is a storyteller who speaks in poems. She started writing poetry when she was ten years-old and wrote her first novel at the age of fifteen. She intentionally creates worlds where Black people are at the center. When asked what her genre is, she simply says “Black People”.

Originating from California as a Black American and Afro-Trinidadian multi-creative, she spearheads Jaah House Publishing, providing a platform for Black authors to amplify their voices and bring their literary creations to life.

When not immersed in the art of storytelling, she directs her energy toward addressing systemic injustices and cultivating spaces for communal growth. She serves as a committed community organizer and spiritualist contributing to the establishment of a new world in collaboration with her family and community. It is her belief that books are an important weapon in the war against white supremacy. Because in order to dismantle it and purge ourselves of the poison we must first choose to see the world differently. 

F.H. Salahud-Din's book mirrors her belief that storytelling serves as a lighthouse for change, inciting uprisings and nurturing a profound sense of divine purpose. Much like her organizing work F.H. Salahud-Din’s stories explore the intricacies of race, identity, culture, gender, and the communal journey toward authenticity. Her books remind us that we came to earth whole, and we are worthy of existing just as we are.