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F.H. Salahud-Din

Ascension: 5th Anniversary Edition

Ascension: 5th Anniversary Edition

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 F.H. Salahud-Din's groundbreaking debut poetry collection, Ascension, fuses hip hop, womanism, race, love, and healing into introspective and triumphant verse. To mark the 5th anniversary of this celebrated work, a second edition has been released with an exclusive selection of new poems.


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Story Preview

I am the mothership to five babies

two are here with me

and the other three

are at the gates of the next life waiting

every day they offer prostration for my soul

Jallah III

Baby Koiyan and

Baby Cole 

I say their names daily

because I don’t have the privilege of watching them grow old

and I can still feel the sadness

of their deaths in my bones

so I smudge my womb with their memories

every tear I cry for them is libation

and a reminder to stay patient

with my heart

because none of this is my fault

and even in knowing that their memories haunt me

I did not want to write this

but I knew I had to

because no one speaks for the mothers of dead babies

nobody acknowledges our pain

we have to live in the shadows

we carry so much guilt

we carry so much shame

but not today

today we stand in the light. 

– Motherhood              

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