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F.H. Salahud-Din

Bond Infinite

Bond Infinite

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 Bond Infinite is an exquisite collection of poems, penned by F.H. Salahud-Din, that rejoice in the boundless nature of love. Celebrating its transformative power and immutable allure, the verses take readers on a journey to explore the full dimensions of love. From its tender beginnings to its deep connections that persist through time, these poems are a reminder of the exquisite beauty found within inexhaustible love. Soaring beyond limits, it bridges separation, defies rules, and unifies souls in an enduring communion. Permit F.H. Salahud-Din's poetic genius to lead the way to a world where limitless love prevails, embracing its transforming alchemy and relishing in its infinite potentials.

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Story Preview

You built a home in my heart
planted flowers over my scars
kissed my skin clean
you parented me
when I needed guidance
carried me when I could not walk
tended to my garden
grew with me
through me
for you
I would do anything
you ask
I trust you beyond reason
You said I was your medicine
that my love humanized you
anchoring your spirit
to this earth
reminding you
that you were alive
but in reality
it was you
who Healed Me
Saw Me
Loved Me
Understood Me
Reflected Me
Watered Me

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